18. June 2024

U.S. Paint EPR: Insights from a Decade of PaintCare Programs

The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) is inviting you to a free webinar about insights from U.S. paint EPR systems!

Date: June 18
Time: 12:00-1:30 ET
Location: Zoom (register below)


Over the past decade, U.S. paint extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs have performed extremely well – collecting more than 70 million gallons of leftover paint with over 2,400 year-round locations currently (two-thirds of which are paint and hardware stores that have volunteered to serve as drop-off locations). The programs save governments millions of dollars each year. Roughly 70% of collected paint is recycled, and another 4% is reused. Each program is funded by consumers and managed by PaintCare, a non-profit producer responsibility organization (PRO) that is preparing to operate its 12th paint EPR program (in Illinois) which will bring the share of the U.S. population with a paint EPR program to 31%.

This webinar will feature expert speakers that represent paint producers and government agencies. It will briefly cover how the program started, how it operates, what led to the harmonization and passage of the 12 paint EPR laws, and PaintCare’s many successes. As many new states are considering their own paint EPR legislation, this session will also cover challenges faced and lessons learned in program planning, operations and continued expansion of the PaintCare into aerosol coatings, including the emerging landscape of packaging and HHW EPR laws.