Global Action Partnership for EPR

Advancing EPR jointly – this is our mission. As the Global Action Partnership for EPR, we connect practitioners and experts worldwide, foster collaboration, and innovate EPR implementation and research.

Who we are

Tackling waste generation and its complexity requires collaboration on a global scale: The Global Action Partnership for Extended Producer Responsibility, the “GAP for EPR”, is an international partnership established between GIZ, OECD, UNEP and WWF. It also receives circular economy support from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and is hosted by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, an international think and do tank that connects circular economy practitioners worldwide.

Together, we provide a one-stop-shop for EPR, strive to create a common understanding of EPR, build an international community to share knowledge and expertise, and offer technical support on EPR development worldwide.

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What we offer


Are you looking for resources to support your journey towards a mandatory EPR system?
We provide an extensive library of EPR-related documents, from case studies to explanatory videos and practical guides. You can also suggest additional documents to be considered for feature in our library. All submitted documents are screened to ensure quality.


Do you have specific questions on EPR? With our EPR helpdesk, we offer tailored technical support upon request.
Whether about EPR design or implementation, and from governments or Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs), our EPR experts provide guidance in addressing the specific challenges for applying an EPR system in your country.


We believe in the power of collective knowledge and action and therefore provide a space to connect with the global EPR community. With both a public and closed member section, we foster the sharing of best practices, spearhead the development of innovative EPR policy design, and collaboratively shape the future.

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