14. February 2024

Recording: Policy Recommendations to Make EPR a More Effective Tool – Insights from Europe

The Global Action Partnership for EPR invites you to join


“Policy Recommendations to Make EPR a More Effective Tool – Insights from Europe”


14 February 2024, 9AM CET
target audience Europe, Africa, and Asia


14 February 2024, 5PM CET/10AM CST
target audience in North and Latin America. Presentations will be in English, comments and questions in Spanish will be welcomed as well.


Watch the recording including discussions from both sessions here


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes have been widely implemented in different sectors within the European Union (EU). While they had a positive impact on collection and recycling rates, experts criticise their limited effects on waste prevention. The question remains: how can we unlock their full potential? Janine Röling (Recycling Network Benelux, RNB) and Axel Darut (Minderoo Foundation) will present concrete proposals for the EU context out of their recently published paper Let’s reshape EPR – for a game changing policy tool that supports prevention, reuse, separate collection and high-quality recycling. The subsequent discussion introduced by Piotr Barczak (ACEN Foundation) will center around making use of these considerations from the EU in non-European contexts.


Please join Minderoo Foundation, Recycling Network Benelux, and the ACEN Foundation for an insightful discussion about the future of EPR policy – to jointly advance EPR!


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