10.01 - 11.01.2024

Recording: Responsibility for the Circular Economy: New Aspects of EPR and Producer Responsibility Along the Lifecycle

The Global Action Partnership for EPR invites you to join

“Responsibility for the circular economy: new aspects of EPR and producer responsibility along the lifecycle”


1. 10 January 2024, 9AM CET
target audience Europe, Africa, and Asia

2. 11 January 2024, 17:00 CET/10AM CST
target audience in North and Latin America. Presentations will be in English, comments and questions in Spanish will be welcomed as well.


Watch the recording and find the presentation here


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has already been widely adopted by governments and its record of success in increasing material recovery rates has triggered a debate about expanding the use of the approach beyond the traditional use to cover end-of-life costs that occur at the domestic level. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), as part of an international consortium, have each recently published papers with discussion of relatively novel applications of EPR to environmental impacts (design considerations, pollution and littering, etc.) that occur throughout the product lifecycle. These papers explore both possibilities and potential limits of the EPR approach.


Please join OECD, ZWS, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for an insightful discussion about the future of EPR policy. Join us – to jointly advance EPR!


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